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By Cris on 01-03-13 @ 10:28 am
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Annie Bukacek wants lots of firearms in my child’s school. What could possibly go wrong?
By RussCrowder on 01-03-13 @ 11:52 am
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What?  Allow our teachers to defend themselves?  Why, every teacher in America will become a
crazed killer if allowed to carry a gun!  Far better to wait until the next nut shoots up a
grade school so the Democrats will have the excuse they need to drive the final stake into the
heart of the Constitution.
By Red Green on 01-03-13 @ 4:52 pm
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Gawd I wish this would calm down and blow over.  This is simple….there are evil, or crazy (or both)
people in this world and little we can do is going to stop them from doing their deed one way or
another.  I carry, and I hope never to have to use it, but I definitely don’t think most people are
emotionally equipped or properly trained to carry a weapon. 

I think the most effective thing we as a society can do is stop overpopulating and start parenting
intelligently an purposefully.  It’s the idiots that can’t keep their bodily fluids separated that in most
cases, raise kids with the mental failings that enable them to mow down little children and innocent
people in public places.  Let’s provide free vasectomies and even a nice financial bonus to any man
who wants one.  But I digress.

Dammmmit, it’s time we held the perp accountable and stop penalizing law abiding citizens. 
Increased gun control is not going to fix this problem any more than ceasing all chemistry classes
in schools because someone might learn how to make toxic substances that would be used for evil.
By RealDeal on 01-03-13 @ 7:03 pm
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Don’t worry Annie, no one is coming to take your guns. Gun control debates and Newtown are old
news.  The mass media is more concerned with quick stories of doom and gloom than a drawn out
debate about guns. Fear and consumption is what sells in this country and people with your
mentality are buying into it hook, line, and sinker. So, you stay scared and buy more guns and
worry about the boogie man. As far as arming teachers in schools, good luck with that.
By hotfishmt on 01-04-13 @ 7:59 am
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I cannot fathom the fore fathers of the Constitution thinking 200 years down the road an seeing
automatic assualt weapons….when the document was written. Back then…..cannons. swords,
muzzleloaders & single shot weapons were the only “assault” weapons. The mere thought that
some super fast deadly mass killing items would be on the menu….was not in their 20/20 vision.

I can’t justifiy the need for John Doe public to have automatic weapons (assault) for their
protection. By the time they open the gun safe to ward off criminals….its too late. Leaving the
weapon exposed to family, friends, or other….means the gun is available to nuts like the “man”
in Newtown CT.
And with 315 million residents in the US….can’t check em all.

Look at the gal in another state….that just was arrested for buying a semi auto shotgun & rifle
(Bushmaster) where the man that ambushed the firemen going to a house ablaze….2 killed.
She bought the gun legally…and was duped by the former prison inmate what was convicted of
killing his grandmother & served only 15 years….some weep easy social worker….& the parole
board….freed a nut. He killed himself & now the young gal can get up to 10 years in the pokey.

There is no easy solution….the whole mess is just like the recent haggling over the so
called “financial cliff” in Washington DC…..some win, some lose & we all suffer.
By Montanadan on 01-04-13 @ 8:21 am
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There are States that allow teachers to be trained and carry conceled hand guns all ready. I have
not heard of any problems. I know right now most Training facilitys like Front Sight will train for free
anyone associated with education and wanting training. There are plenty of qualified people retired
who would offer thier time for free to keep our schools safe. The NRA is offering this as part of a
nation wide program.
By H F Davidson on 01-04-13 @ 9:14 am
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By mooseberryinn on 01-04-13 @ 11:20 am
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Red Green - well said.  hotfishmt - “automatic” weapons are not generally available to the public. 
However, semi-autos are (or can be) just as effective.  If ever there were a time to calmly and quietly
work to solve the problem of wackos, criminals, and/or remarkably demented shooters, this is it. 
The reality is that America can’t solve this problem with more laws as the perpetrators don’t care
about the laws.  Sadly, our society is breaking down, moral values don’t carry much weight any
more, Adults must once again arm themselves to provide safety and guardianship for families and
By Montanadan on 01-04-13 @ 11:48 am
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Something to think about. History has shown when they go broke they tend to do very bad things
like control your money, freedoms and take your guns. Then history has shown in the last 100
years 200+ million people have been killed by their own Goverments. News flash the Country is
broke and borrows 46 cents on every dollar it spends, owes over 200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities,
16+ Trillion of Dept, our portion is 51 Thousand for every person in America. I trust our Goverment,
Ya Right.  Greece here we come.
By montanaeasy56 on 01-04-13 @ 8:31 pm
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It would be a big mistake to arm the teachers. teachers are geared for nurturing our youth and
probably will not have the ability to pull that trigger when one of her/his students walks into the
classroom with evil intentions. Their first instinct would be to try and talk the individual out of his
plan…that would be a fatal mistake. Kids on the other hand would be a totally different story.
They have no fear. As much time as they spend playing shoot ‘em games and other videos I
would trust their abilities to fire that round that would save the rest of the classmates. He/she
would be the hero..just like in the video games. High fives all around. The students are the
ones who we should be giving the weapons to. They would need no training at all.
By MontanaTrace on 01-05-13 @ 7:17 am
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There are Vets that used the GI Bill and became teachers. I was one. There are often Vets
working in schools. Most would volunteer, again.
By MontanaTrace on 01-05-13 @ 7:21 am
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Listen up future teachers. Want to move to the front of the interview line? Get yourself trained
in self defense, marksmanship and gun safety. Add that to your resume’.
By RussCrowder on 01-05-13 @ 9:39 am
81 up | 45 down

Sorry MontanaTrace but if you are a public school teacher, there are those that consider you more
valuable as a “victim” than a “volunteer”.  And unfortunately, to your ability to protect yourself and
the children in your charge, they are the ones that presently enjoy the political advantage.  I have
heard however that in the UNLIKELY event it is discovered, if a Montana public school teacher is
caught carrying a concealed weapon on school property, it is only a misdemeanor offence.  Let’s
see, the choice is a $500 fine or “DEAD”?  Food for thought!
By mooseberryinn on 01-05-13 @ 5:54 pm
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Our society has broken down to the point that human life is no longer sacred.  Moral values count for
nothing, truth counts for nothing, doing the “right” thing counts for nothing.  The individual is of no
importance at all.  But…the “Party” is important.  The “Party Leaders” are important.  If you swear
allegiance, and become a loyal Party Member, then you may have a gun.
By GATE on 01-06-13 @ 8:10 am
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...’’ When you all go home and your talking to your buddies and you say, ah ‘He wants to take my gun
away’. You’ve heard it here, I’m on television so everybody knows it. I believe in the Second
Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful rights to bear arms. I will not take you Shotguns away. I will
not take your rifles away. I won’t take your handguns away”. -Senator Serial Deceiver campaigning in
Virginia 2008.
By mooseberryinn on 01-06-13 @ 2:11 pm
49 up | 50 down

Gate - well said.  (or quoted).
By Fast on 01-06-13 @ 4:44 pm
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The answer is a gun in every lunch box.
By GATE on 01-08-13 @ 9:18 am
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Instead of idiotic ‘Gun Free Zones’ signs how about; WARNING: ‘I carry a Glock because a rifle won’t fit
in my purse’.
By HRH Prince Michael on 01-09-13 @ 10:23 am
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Biden and the NRA, talking?  The U.S. is about 50-years, and hundred of thousands of innocent
lives, too-late for “talk”.  Why is a cunning, self-glorifying Industry/Commerce organization
U.S. policy?  Too much, too little, TOO LATE.

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