Friday Apr. 18, 2014
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In wake of Carl Douglas’ death, a dispute between county and company spills out into the public
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By PaulRumelhart on 01-30-13 @ 11:08 am
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There are a few errors in your article.  After purchase of the facility by the Porst Authority, the
facility was to be leased for 25 years to Stinger not at $1.00 per year, but at an amount necessary
to amatorize the $3.3 million loan from the Montana Board of Investments—about $23,000 per
month.  And the number of jobs committed was not 250 but 202.
By xcav8orr on 01-31-13 @ 4:09 pm
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Glad to see the head of Lincoln County Port Authority commenting on the litigation. They have
been strangely quiet on the issue.
  Can you tell the readers, Mr. Rumelhart, why the 105,000 square foot building was built directly
adjacent to private property owned by the County Commissioner? This Commissoner has past
history of taking possession of public buildings.
  When was the Port Authority first aware that this was failing? All the taxpayers heard is that
everything was great…until the lawsuits started flying after Max Baucus got involved.
  Most importantly, how does the Port Authority expect Stinger to pay back any money when you
have tied their hands in litigation?
  Please answer these questions as I know the taxpayers have alot more.
By xcav8orr on 02-01-13 @ 9:44 am
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One more error in the article. The line should read that the Port Authority “illegally” conveyed title of
the property to Stinger.
  Unless the public wakes up to the harm that the Port Authority has caused Stinger, we will lose
69 jobs. Whether these mistakes were intentional or borne out of incompetence is the issue. The
105,000 square foot building is the prize.
  How can we ever expect another company to relocate to Libby when we have allowed this
benefactor to be treated so badly?
  Waiting for the answers, Mr. Rumelhart.
By Westside2 on 02-01-13 @ 10:44 am
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Contracts.  It will all come down to contracts xcav8orr.
By xcav8orr on 02-01-13 @ 12:52 pm
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Westside, the most recent expenditure of County money in this debacle was made necessary
because the Chairman of the Airport Board had a “handshake deal” with Stinger for fuel. Welcome
to Lincoln County.
By Fast on 02-01-13 @ 10:44 pm
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Da! When I heard about this company starting in Libby in 2009 I had my doubts.
- Wrong time ( big recession )
- wrong place ( transportion cost to high )
- wrong person with an gray past)
By xcav8orr on 02-02-13 @ 9:49 am
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  Fast, When these stories post in Libby newspapers. the Commisioner who stands to profit from
Stingers failure started those rumors writing under an assumed name.
  This is a very successful company which was looking to expand Northward to decrease
transportation costs on Northern Projects. The recession has not slowed infrastructure projects like
they work on. How dare you speak ill of the dead. 
  Stinger could be providing even more than the 69 jobs existing if the County wasn’t litigating them
over County failures to live up to the agreement.
  Notice how Port Authority Director Paul Rumelhart disappeared from this conversation when
confronted with the hard questions that Justin Franz refused to ask? 
  The County is the problem in this issue.
  Stinger is being harmed for the benefit of a few politically connected folks.
By Fast on 02-02-13 @ 5:24 pm
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All I know is a person that cheats and flys an aircraft over the public’s heads without the proper license from the
FAA is not to be trusted.
By xcav8orr on 02-03-13 @ 6:57 am
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Well, I wouldn’t equate overconfidence with a lack of integrity. Being a risk taker is a common trait
among successful people.
  If you want to discuss a lack of integrity, let’s get back to the sharks at Lincoln County who are
attempting to destroy what Mr. Douglas built so they can profit from the loss of 69 jobs.
  What good for the County will come out of the loss of those jobs?
By Fast on 02-03-13 @ 10:06 pm
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O by that definition ( risk taker ) it’s ok to kill an employee because he was a risk taker.
I guess life is cheap for those who have an agenda.
By xcav8orr on 02-04-13 @ 7:18 am
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You refuse to focus on the $20 million scam our County started…what’s your agenda?
By Fast on 02-04-13 @ 6:04 pm
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I don’t care about the county all I care about is people that kill other people ( his employee )  because they want to
be a Risk Taker and not bided buy the same rules that the rest of us have too. Remember drunks that drive are risk    
takers too.
By xcav8orr on 02-06-13 @ 8:29 am
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It is obvious that you don’t care. You are fixated on an issue that, while tragic, will be sorted out by
  Your callous disregard for the 69 struggling families and the million dollar payroll they are about
to lose is duly noted.
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