Friday Apr. 18, 2014
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By Becket on 11-08-12 @ 8:04 am
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By Constitutional Man on 11-08-12 @ 11:14 am
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Folks today are FAR to sensitive, more concern to interpret Our Constitution for ones own
means,good or bad. We get upset with silly “little things” that have been around for centuries.
Some have nothing better to do than just be pety, rather than “Live and Let Live” which is the basic
principles This Great Nation was founded on. Freedom and Liberty to do what we want without
treading on others directly.

We must remember when we Steal Liberties from people, we are stealing OUR own Rights, Liberty
and freedoms. Everytime We The People Create a New “Law”, thats one more nail in coffin for
REAL Freedom from tyranny. Regardless of “which side one is on, the “rights” for others by not
infringing upon them when we donot agree is taking the “High road” for ones own peace of mind in
the Greatest nation on earth and The Last Best Hope for mankind if we are ever going to be “one”
on this planet.
We dont have to like what our neighbors do but we must respect their right to do so within the Law.
Does it really matter in the Big Picture if there is a monument for The ten commandments,statue of
Jesus, Golden Cow or any other symbol of mindset religious or not? IMHO No. For an agnostic like
me, I dont care as long as We The People are free , we can choose to see it or not. Thats what
makes us Great as a Nation and a Beacon for Liberty around the world.
By getman on 11-08-12 @ 6:48 pm
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  I would suggest that the Eagles group searches for a great, landscaped, private piece of property
for their display.  Perhaps they would enjoy some green or park-type situation since their current
location has space, only for bar, dancing, lunching, games, storage, and meeting rooms.  Their
members might like picnics, etc.  Reaching higher for a nicer solution might open up opportunities.
By GATE on 11-09-12 @ 2:39 pm
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Would One of the Heathens on this site please tell us what part of the 10 Commandments is so
offensive to them?
By bopho on 11-09-12 @ 4:04 pm
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Personally I think that the 10 Commandments should be placed in the parking lot of a different big-box
store each Sunday.  That’s where the sinners are.  I was brought up believing that shopping does not
qualify for keeping the sabbath holy.
By Oliver on 11-09-12 @ 5:12 pm
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You people are so concerned about finding a place to display a shorten modern version of the 10
commandments, but have you ever actually read the full version in Exodus Chapter 20?

“Remember the sabbath day—keep it holy.Six days you may labor and do all your work, but the
seventh day is a sabbath of the LORD your God. You shall not do any work, either you, your son or
your daughter, your male or female “slave”, your work animal, or the resident alien within your

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, his male or
female “slave”, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Hmm - According to the original text, the lord condones slavery.  I’m sure glad that the modern
religious scholars have rewritten them for him.
By ~Jeff~ on 11-10-12 @ 3:01 am
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NO, buy your own land to display your stuff.
The tax payers don’t need burdened with your novelties.
By Yodah on 11-10-12 @ 12:22 pm
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How about displaying the commandments by the way you live your life…
By GATE on 11-11-12 @ 4:08 pm
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We don’t need the Government to enforce or promote the Ten Commandments. It’s ironic that the
laws of Government are a lot of ‘thou shalt not’s’ yet very few look at them as restrictions or
offensive. By obeying the laws of Government we contribute to the public peace. The Ten
Commandment are a reminder of ALL of our shortcomings for which believers and non believers
should try and honor them by our actions. The Ten Commandments are not a ‘to do’ or a ‘your a
failure list’ to appease an angry God. As long as I can display them on my own private property and
pray as I choose I could care less where they’re displayed.
By Big Saul on 11-11-12 @ 7:42 pm
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What is wrong with you people.  Did you not read the article!  The guy wants to take something that
already exists that is a COLLECTION of monuments that honors this country’s Heritage and move it to
an appropriate place of honor which it deserves.  You all act like the 10 Commandments is the only
monument in the collection. Whether you like it or not, ALL those monuments are part of our Heritage
and they don’t need to be buried in some dark alley.
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