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Medical Marijuana
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By pro-whom on 05-20-11 @ 10:06 pm
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Because interferring in private lives, filling up prisons with people convicted of victimless crimes, & closing businesses is freedom.
By JCW on 05-21-11 @ 4:48 am
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Although we have to deal with local issues, the real “Big Fix” is getting Obamacare repealed. 

What the citizens of this country don’t realize is that IF this goes into full effect at the beginning of next year, the U.S. as we “knew it” is finished for good.  There is no possible way for out economy to even REMOTELY support the tax system upon which the alleged “health care” system is based.

The Canadian health care system…...bankrupt.  The Cuban health care system….bankrupt.
The French health care system is so stressed, they are trying to change it because…..... it is going BANKRUPT.

Not to mention that there are so many riders and earmarks and HIDDEN taxes in Odumbocare, that NOBODY even knows how many there is.  Do you own a firearm..?  If it is proven that you do… start out at paying 40% MORE than those who don’t.
Want to sell your house…?  Great… get to pay an ADDITIONAL 3.8% TAX on the sale of it.

Are you a Muslim, or a Scientologist…...?  You don’t pay INTO Odumbocare, but you get to use it.  Are you a member of one of the unions that Odumbocare has exempted from paying INTO Odumbocare…....?  You don’t have to pay INTO it either.

So that means that if you’re a Muslim, Scientologist, or a certain union member, you get to USE Odumbocare, but you don’t have to pay INTO it.

And THAT means that since 50% of the people in this country DON’T PAY ANY TAXES NOW…......and only 50% of “eligible” people will have to PAY FOR Odumbocare….....the whole system will fall on the backs of 25% of the adult workers in this country.

People are complaining of Health Care costs NOW… much do you think it’s going to cost THEN…..?  Try TRIPLING what you’re paying now… start.
By pro-whom on 05-21-11 @ 5:11 am
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Thank u for giving something of substance. Do u have any references or is this Fox Lies?
By BillCunnane on 05-21-11 @ 7:14 am
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SB423 is a good law..not perfect but good. On the other hand judge Reynolds is the tail end of a horse. There should be no advertising of anything that is illegal. The good this bill does is it closes all storefront operations, makes it tougher to get a card and yes limits amounts. While a petition is being drawn up in response to the law I would hope that the majority of people in montana will agree this law is what was needed and those who use it for recreational purposes dreams of it becoming legal is going up in smoke.
By JCW on 05-22-11 @ 6:24 am
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@ pro-whom,

Try going to Google and typing in “Health Care Law exemptions” or “Obamacare Exemptions”.

It’s right in front of your face.  Does your mommy have to print things off the computer for you…..?  Or can you do that yourself..?
By JCW on 05-22-11 @ 6:36 am
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I know it’s extremely difficult for a few of you to actually find “facts” on the internet, so here is a link to pro-whom’s question on waivers for the Health Care Law.

Odumbo has given out 204 waivers so far, 38 in NANCY PELOSI’S district.  So if they keep handing out these “waivers”, who is left to PAY FOR IT….?

This whole HC Law needs to be repealed, thrown in the trash, and re-written.  Odumbo needs to go too.
By JCW on 05-22-11 @ 6:37 am
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Link didn’t stick…..........

Here it is….....
By medcannabis1 on 05-22-11 @ 9:34 am
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Bill wrote:
“SB423 is a good law..not perfect but good. On the other hand judge Reynolds is the tail end of a horse. There should be no advertising of anything that is illegal. The good this bill does is it closes all storefront operations, makes it tougher to get a card
If I may disagree and throw this out for reflection.
SB423 was designed not to allow the most sick access, but to do a defacto repeal of the law.  Under SB423 people in hospice, undergoing chemo therapy or advanced stages of cancer will not have access.
It takes 120 days to properly process the plant matter and in that time period where is the patient to find cannabis to help mitigate the effects of the treatment? In most cases a hospice client has already passed on in that time period so there suffering cannot be dealt with cannabis and they must resort to massive ammounts of narcotics and then there is no more quality of life left for patient or family members.
What about the quads who use cannabis to help with the massive spasms they suffer?
Who is to water the plants when they can only depend on the kindness of another to even wipe their nose much less grow medical grade cannabis?
How will anyone on a fixed income pay for the additional electrical costs, etc., etc.,etc.
Yes there where some problems but there where wise solutions to meet the concerns of law-enforcement and community leaders as well as adress the needs of the sick.
The “clinic” model we used allowed for accurate recordkeeping for compliance issues, a chart that following usage and results from the patients daily improvement so their personal physician had access to the data. Free cannabis therapy for any hospice client till their passing, and alot of charity within the community.
The vast majority of Montana’s cannabis community are just like you. We work hard and struggle with lifes difficulities, but we were only trying to follow a state approved program and in that to help those of our neighbors who where helped by their cannabis use.
When you complain about the young people, I took care of 2 of them who now are passed.
Take the time to go to and type in “It’s a Montana Issue”, this is who is going to be punished by this short sighted attempt to “fix” a non problem.
if this is done as a non-for profit model, citizens can have jobs within the industry, make a reasonable/liveable wage for their work, professionals such as mental health and home health care can be employed helping care for the severely disabled who use cannabis to improve their quality of life.
taxes can be generated and charitable work can be done with any profits at the end of the year.
Not all have to agree, but isn’t it a the right thing to do by respecting the rights of your neightbor and allowing for common sense to be used when we legislate.
We are all old enought to admit there needs to be rules for the cannabis community, but mean-spirited legislation that harms thousands of Montana’s is just wrong.
By H F Davidson on 05-23-11 @ 5:51 am
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OMG!!!  Over 3% of our population is on prescribed medical marijuana!  It’s an epidemic that the voters didn’t intend when they passed the referrendum!  Oh really?  According to the CDC, 9% of the population is on prescription analgesices (pain killers) and 8.9% is on antidepressants.  So a sole doctor can prescribe Vidocin but you think at least two doctors need to concur before someone can get something as innocuous at pot???  And we sure don’t want it advertised.  It may steal some of the thunder from all the TV ads for Zoloft, Paxil and other “mood elevators”, not to mention alcohol.  SHEEZ… you’re giving me a headache, where’s my Oxycontin?
Kellyn Brown
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"If we made decisions on permits this way in MT, our economy would grind to a halt" @GovernorBullock on #KeystoneXL delay
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Molly Priddy
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@natashavc @TaraAriano @allyzay Oh no, I've been thinking it's a room for all your types of mustards. Recalibrating my ideas now.
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