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By nwmontana on 02-07-13 @ 12:32 pm
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Good ol’ Max states that the people of Montana rose up and said “we are not for sale.”  Why
can’t Max do the same.  He further states that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once
said, “The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and
Congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”  Hopefully the voters
can finally do the right thing and turn Max out to pasture in 2014.
By reggie on 02-07-13 @ 1:36 pm
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Thanks Max. We need this if our nation has any chance of recovering our former greatness.

Did any repubs cosponsor?
By RussCrowder on 02-07-13 @ 4:51 pm
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I haven’t had a chance to read the article yet but what is Max planning on doing to give our nation a
chance of recovering our former greatness…resigning ?
By mooseberryinn on 02-07-13 @ 5:43 pm
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max and Jon have stated they support our 2nd amendment.  let’s watch and see what they say in
Washington D.C. and how they vote (if a bill is presented for vote).  Now, both Max and Jon voted
FOR Obama/demo-dummy care (WITHOUT READING THE BILL) - Does anyone suppose max or
Jon will raise a voice to get rid of that unconstitutional, extremely damaging law.  (the “procedures”
for which exceed 13,000 pages and growing, the “procedures” also allow a bunch of bureaucrats
under HHS to decide what level of care may be given to patients.  Ya think they’ll stand up for
Freedom?  nah,  Stand up for Liberty?  nah.  They’ll stand up for King Obama.  You betcha.
By Mark Phillips on 02-08-13 @ 6:43 pm
24 up | 6 down

aneveryoneelsenadtheyareallstupid I disagree with you.
By pik20e4me on 02-09-13 @ 7:29 pm
23 up | 14 down

I don’t want to rain on your parade, MBI, but I do wish to point out that the Patient Protection &
Affordable Care Act (aka PPACA), often referred to informally as Obamacare, was declared
constitutional by our Supreme Court on June 28, 2012.  I acknowledge that the mail travels
slow by Pony Express.  I hope you get better service after spring breakup
By GATE on 02-10-13 @ 8:57 am
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The Supreme Court also ruled Slavery to be Constitutional in Dred Scott v. Stanford (1857).
By bopho on 02-10-13 @ 9:29 am
28 up | 11 down

Hey Gate - Slavery was constitutional in 1857 and continued to be until the 13th Amendment was
ratified in 1865.

So what’s your point?
By GATE on 02-10-13 @ 9:57 am
11 up | 23 down

Chief Justice Roger Taney was wrong on Dred Scott as was Roberts on BOcare. When the Supreme
Court ventures outside the strict interpretation of the Constitution, pandora’s box is opened, as it has
been, and will eventually lead to tyranny; be it from the far left or far right.
By pik20e4me on 02-10-13 @ 10:06 am
27 up | 11 down

Do you mean like when the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush president?
By GATE on 02-10-13 @ 10:33 am
12 up | 28 down

An independent analysis of ballots after the Courts decision that the Florida Courts method of
recounting ballots was in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment,
concluded that Bush would have won the limited recount that Algezeer Gore had requested.
By bopho on 02-10-13 @ 10:33 am
30 up | 10 down

Yes Gate - Why does everything that you don’t agree with alway have to lead to tyranny?  You don’t
have much faith in this country do you?  The health care act was enacted by the Congress, signed by
the president and ruled on by the Supreme Court. 

That doesn’t sound much like tyranny.  Sounds more like what I learned in 9th grade American
By GATE on 02-10-13 @ 12:05 pm
12 up | 25 down

Mystery Solved! If they’ll let you back into the 9th grade, this time pay attention!. A 2000+ page bill
that no one read or understood nor were allowed to debate looks more like Germany in the 1930’s and
would have never been tolerated by the Founding Fathers.
By mooseberryinn on 02-10-13 @ 1:21 pm
11 up | 29 down

Actually, the ruling by the supreme court merely addressed the authority of congress to not create
a “mandate” but to create a “TAX”.  It is in this regard that the law was allowed to stand.  But - King
Obama and his henchmen swear it is not a tax. (whatever).  The results are a moot point except
that the law is causing undesirable economic problems already.  Businesses are limiting the
number of employees to negate the need to comply with providing health care insurance or pay
fines.  Full time positions are being down-graded to part time for the same reason.  Insurance
premiums are rising rapidly (golly, now who couldn’t see that coming?)  The damage to what was
medicare is decreasing reimbursements to hospitals and doctors, limiting resources to provide care.
etc. etc.  You see, the “affordable care act” is to HOLD DOWN COSTS, not improve health care.  A
nicely unpublished aspect will have HHS determining what care may be provided in line with costs. 
Neato stuff.  well anyway, too bad, so sad, told ya so.
By pik20e4me on 02-10-13 @ 2:57 pm
29 up | 11 down

Oops, MBI.  I guess you didn’t get your part of the $1 billion in rebates given to 12.8 million
customers from health insurance companies for overcharges for overhead and profits, in
accordance with the PPACA provisions?  You may want to check with your insurance company.
By mooseberryinn on 02-10-13 @ 4:24 pm
13 up | 30 down

My guess is millions of folks did not get such “rebates”.  I’m sure you were first in the hand-out line.
By pik20e4me on 02-10-13 @ 8:03 pm
20 up | 12 down

We surely wouldn’t want facts to get in our way.
By reggie on 02-11-13 @ 12:42 pm
19 up | 15 down

Gate, that independent analysis the newspapers did to determine who would have won Florida
without Supreme Corporate intrusion found that the only way Gore would have won Florida
was if all ballots were recounted. It has been reported that the Florida Supreme court was
about to order a statewide recount when stopped by SCOTUS.

After several days delay in reporting the investigation results, the headline (on page one)
was “Bush Won the Recount” and the article gave many possible different senerios the Florida
court had been presented with for partial recounts where Bush would have won.  We had to
read all the way to nearly the last paragraph on page 37? before the outcome of a full state
recount was presented in the “liberal” New York Times.

So treasonous, unethical political action by appointed rightwing Justices inflicted the nation
with the Bush disaster, not voters.
By GATE on 02-11-13 @ 12:49 pm
15 up | 22 down

Incorrect….But it would have allowed them time to dig up a few more dead bodies to vote and make
sure the Unions stuffed a few more ballot boxes!
By reggie on 02-11-13 @ 1:56 pm
22 up | 15 down

No, correct…....Dead bodies, stuffed ballot boxes?

How about REAL election fraud? Like the republican party policy of voter supression through;
voter cageing, difficult to obtain selective “identification” (allegedly to fight nonexistant in
person voting fraud), changing affiliation on registration cards, throwing away registration cards
indicating democratic affiliation, intimidation at the polls, to few voting machines in dem
majority districts (causing hours long lines),  gerrymandering to hold the house regardless
getting 2 million less votes in total, creating lists of thousands of people that are not allowed to
vote based on their name being similar to that of some felon, butterfly balots to confuse older
voters, changing registration laws to make it harder to register and stopping vote day
registration, shorter hours at polls and reduceing early voting days….etc.?

Would you trust unverifiable voting machines made by stanch democrats? Why should we trust
the unverifiable voting machines made by extreme conservatives (one of who promised to
deliver Ohio to Bush in 2004)?

Obviously, it is republicans who must fear voters, not dems.
By GATE on 02-11-13 @ 2:29 pm
14 up | 22 down

Aside from the systematic effort by the Socialists to suppress the Military Vote, Just one of several
thousand ‘incidents’ of voter fraud:  Woods County, Ohio, which the Deceiver ‘won’, had a 96,000 voting
age population, yet 107,000 showed up to vote!!!!!
By bopho on 02-11-13 @ 3:22 pm
25 up | 12 down

Gate - Why do you keep using the same old nonsense over and over again.  The Woods County, Ohio  
story - there is nothing there.  It was debunked along time ago -

And the idea that no one read the 2000 or whatever page health bill - first of all - come on - that was
years ago - there has been an election since then.  Second - the health care bill was published on the
internet - it was sliced, diced and parsed by interest groups on all sides of the political spectrum - by
hospital groups,  pharmaceutical groups, doctor groups and every other group you can imagine. 
Everybody knew what was in it.  Nothing was done in darkness.  Give up on that one.

Do you have something positive to offer - let’s hear it.
By GATE on 02-11-13 @ 4:04 pm
12 up | 26 down

Your ‘sources’ of ‘fact’ are comparable to Joseph Goebbels referencing the ‘Goose-Step Daily’ for his
‘facts’. The good news in all of this is that when a National Voter ID law is passed it will mark the
beginning of the end of this Progressive Socialist nightmare.
By mooseberryinn on 02-11-13 @ 9:50 pm
6 up | 19 down

The issue of why Chairman Obama is still in the Whitehouse is pretty much a moot point.  I would
suggest to the Republican party that the same “the ends justify the means” be applied to removing him. 
Sooner would be good to try and limit even more damage.
By fourweight on 02-12-13 @ 11:23 am
12 up | 10 down

Gate and MooseBerry
Please keep talking.  Heck - I vote for you folks to get your own columns.  Since I am not your
close relative or friend, I can let you in on the secret the majority of the rest of us know.


The more you foam at the mouth, buy into nut-bag conpsiracy theories, uses outdated bombshelter
lingo and generally just be yourselves, the more all of the rest of us become more assured our
mental health system really is busted.
By pik20e4me on 02-12-13 @ 12:31 pm
12 up | 8 down


I and others certainly appreciate your progress.  Your faculty advisor told me that he is going to
give half credit for “president” Obama, rather than the proper title: President Obama.  It is clear
that you have no admiration for our current president, but remember the admonition in the
military:  You salute the Colonel even though you think he is a swine.

I picked up a copy of Trolling for Dummies yesterday.  I know you don’t use that in your
master’s program, but I’m trying to come up to speed. The second chapter is “Chumming.”  On
page 23 it explains that the best way to chum is to first express outrage at whatever the current
president is doing.  The next step is to shotgun.  Anything between three and five specific
irritations is considered to be a rant.  Any above five is considered to be a tirade.  The third
suggestion is to never tie your outrage to any solutions.

The book goes on to say that if you do all of the above, you are virtually always guaranteed to
get a rise.

In your last post of Sunday, I quit counting after identifying seven different complaints without
factual support and without proposing solutions other than the all-encompassing “impeach
Obama.” I am beginning to see how it works.  I’m looking forward to reading the other chapters.
By pik20e4me on 02-12-13 @ 12:35 pm
4 up | 6 down

I’m sorry, all.  My last post belonged in another thread.
By GATE on 02-12-13 @ 2:52 pm
8 up | 14 down

A few of you may want to consider asking for a refund or request a few sizes larger on your Victoria
Secrets underwear. That may solve the restricted blood flow and proper oxygen disbursement to what’s
left of the ‘logic center’ of the Progressive brain.
By Gators on 02-15-13 @ 12:34 pm
1 up | 1 down

Can’t change the past…just the future.  To many people live in the past and this for the most
part not a good thing.  Look at many different race’s and such…still living in the past and many
have a big chip on shoulder.  Is this how you want your life to turn out?  Not me…OK?
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