Wednesday Apr. 16, 2014
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By brewgirl on 02-27-13 @ 5:04 pm
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The goal of the MTA is to eliminate the competition. The new bill that is coming, LC1429 being
sponsored by Roger Hagan(R) and Rob Cook(R) will limit sales of beer in all taprooms, and force
breweries to sell most of their product to distributors. The bars are in no way forced to buy &
sell any of that product in their bars. The beer could end up just sitting unsold in the
distributors warehouses, or unsold at the brewery itself. The bill is still in drafting, so it
cannot yet be viewed. The Montana Brewers Association sent out an email today with a little more
detail than we had, but unfortunately, they have not posted that information yet on their
facebook page. This bill will result in the loss of 300-400 jobs across the state, & most
existing breweries will close their doors, and no breweries in planning will be able to open.
The MTA chose 2 legislators who are far from Billings & have no fear of reprisals from people
who are not in their district wh ooppose this bill. It is unbelievable that 2 Republicans would
back a bill that results in that many people losing their jobs.
Kellyn Brown
Kellyn Brown5h
The latest Best of Preps edition is out. Great photos by @gl_photo #mtscores
Dillon Tabish
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Groups Criticize Governor Over Forest Priorities Original story by @TribLowdown here: #mtnews
Molly Priddy
Molly Priddy1h
@mallelis What do you ladies use to wrap your Lembas bread? I can't find organic mallorn leaves anywhere
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott10h
Your Survival Guide To Coachella via @IamJessicaLima
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Groups Criticize Governor Over Forest Priorities