Saturday Apr. 19, 2014
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The Labor Department's report Friday offered a mixed picture of the economy
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By GATE on 12-07-12 @ 3:33 pm
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Another 540 Thousand people stopped looking for work last month. Actual rate is 10.7%! 73% of all
jobs created in the last 5 months were Government jobs. The Ministry of Labor Happiness’s magic
marker would make the North Korean’s Ministry of Truth blush!
By Fast on 12-07-12 @ 9:55 pm
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Empower your self with skills and knowledge that will enable you succeed in any employment environment.  And
don’t blame others for your short comings that is between your ears.
By mooseberryinn on 12-08-12 @ 9:22 am
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Work for the federal gov’t!  73% of the jobs “created” in the past 5 months are gov’t jobs.  (producing no
income, only increasing the tax burden).
By bocephusj57 on 12-08-12 @ 12:38 pm
18 up | 37 down

Good job, gate.  If you’re gonna tell a lie, make sure it’s big one. is just
another noisemaker in the rightwingnut echo chamber.  Their numbers are based on pure fiction.

But if you go to the last page of this BLS summary, you will find the facts are precisely the
opposite of your lie.

And look at that graph line.  Gubmint jobs steadily grew during Bush’s two terms and have
steadily decreased during Obama’s.  That spike is probably the short-term Census worker hiring.

The discussion following the cns ‘article’ are instructive.
By GATE on 12-08-12 @ 1:05 pm
42 up | 17 down

What the Utopian Statistical Mirage Massagers and their delusional followers won’t reveal is that the U-
6 unemployment rate in November is 14.6% and well North of 20% if the Millions that have dropped out
of the Labor Force in the last 3 years were counted!
By mooseberryinn on 12-08-12 @ 6:10 pm
34 up | 15 down

Bo is going to apply for the Party’s “ministry of propaganda”.  Or maybe the Kalispell Communist Party
By montanaeasy56 on 12-08-12 @ 11:03 pm
17 up | 36 down

I guess these clowns only want to believe the DOL numbers when it corresponds with all their
paranoai and conspiracy theories…LOOK…up in the sky…is it a bird, a plane…no it’s the
President in a black helicopter coming to get you….BOO!!!!. 145,000 PRIVATE SECTOR jobs
were created last month, in spite of Sandy…these right wing kooks just can’t understand how
the President won re-election…they are as dumbfounded as their candidate becasue they were
so engrossed by the Fix News buble and all of the Fix news “experts”.. Gotta be bad believing
lies for 4 years only to have your eyes opened on elction night…but nah, they won’t change and
the publcans will go the same route as the Whig party a few centuries ago.
By GATE on 12-09-12 @ 8:20 am
32 up | 10 down

The 12 Million American that are still looking for a job and the 48 Million on food stamps would
probably take issue with the Ministry of Numbers Manipulation’s propaganda. You can sugar coat a
Buffalo Chip but it’s still a Buffalo Chip!
By fcb on 12-09-12 @ 5:04 pm
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Civilian labor force participation rate.

Employment rate lessis than 64 percent. Guess the real UNemployment rate .
By mooseberryinn on 12-11-12 @ 10:12 am
19 up | 11 down

Aye Lads - you just gotta believe!  Obama’s regime just has to be right!  You just gotta believe with all
your heart and mind!  Scrunch up yer eyeballs! Hold yer breath! Believe!  Kneel down and bounce yer
noggin on the sidewalk and believe!  Do this for several hours and when you stop, you’ll just feel all
kinds of better.  Praise King Obama!  Rise up and sing to the great Comrade obama!  (ya sure you
By JB on 12-13-12 @ 4:08 pm
16 up | 4 down

Bo fancies himself a tribune of the “people” - because the government is always right…right??

Oh, no…don’t tell me…I would rather not know…I’d rather just get my dose of government
approved propaganda…Obama knows what he’s doing…right??


And look…the U3 is dropping…that’s because more people now have real jobs…right??


“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”


By montanaeasy56 on 12-14-12 @ 6:47 am
3 up | 5 down

Boy!, We have come a full circle now. I remeber when the Gipper was president and
unemployment numbers were high and then all of a sudden the numbers started dropping.
Naysayers from the other side were using the same argument then that are using now…“the
reason why the numbers are trending downwards is that many, many workers have just given
up.” Back them it was the dems who were arguing that the downward teending numbers didn’t
tell the whole story and this time it is the publicans who are making the same argument..It fell
on deaf ears then and it will fall on deaf ears now. The only difference is the gipper was white.
By JB on 12-14-12 @ 9:34 am
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You know, montanaeasy, maybe you’re right - maybe the old government needs to just destroy
itself, so it can be rebuilt from the ashes.  It is way beyond saving at this point.

As for playing the race card…  that tactic is so tired and dated - and it no longer holds any
weight.  We get it - we know Obama’s black, ok?  We know your ilk think that anyone who
doesn’t have the same opinion as a flaming liberal is a racist.


Nobody believes anything that is said on media, by politicians, or by those hoping to get an
inch - except the lemmings who follow such types.
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