Thursday Apr. 17, 2014
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By April on 09-15-12 @ 8:07 pm
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If you want to address fearmongering I would suggest that you take a look at the Montana Human
Rights Network and big buddies at the Southern Poverty Law Center..They are the real
professionals at scaring people.
By Whale on 09-16-12 @ 8:19 am
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Sad state of affairs.  The left calls the right fear mongers; the right calls the left
communists.  The same crap has been gpoing on forever but with the internet it’s more in
everyones face. 
Testor votes to kill wolves.  Is he real or is he just taking a chip from the DNC to for them to
keep control of the Senate?  Reiberg sues the city over fires on his land while the city is
prioritizing trying to save lives.

The truth is there’re all in it for themselves.  Mirrors!!  Bears and wolves will be slaughtered
to keep our minds off our current state of affairs. 

Grow up people.  Get involved in your own lives.  If you have the mistaken view that the
Demogogs or the Repubicats actually care about your desires then I know of a bridge you might
want to buy cheap.
By mooseberryinn on 09-16-12 @ 10:07 am
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Well Tester cares about his party and Obama cares about himself and his agenda of destruction. 
Neither has done anything to help Montana.  They really need to be fired.
By Red Green on 09-17-12 @ 8:23 am
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Fearful people do stupid things…
By bocephusj57 on 09-18-12 @ 6:29 pm
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Oh goody, our favorite Holocaust-denying, Nazi-apologizing white supremacist April (Gaede) has
crawled out from under rock to wave her victim card once again.
By RussCrowder on 09-19-12 @ 6:40 am
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Good call April…The Montana Human Rights “Nitwits” is just the attack arm of the Montana
Conservation Voters organization, a group of leftist nuts.  The MHRN’s job is to accuse anyone that
is even slightly politically “Right” of center of being a “RACIST”, to discredit them. This is the group
that once accused Flathead County radio personality and author George Ostrom of being a racist. 
These are truly Wacko’s calling others Wacko’s!..........When he refers to “Holoccaust deniers” one
has to wonder if bocephusj57 isn’t referring to what is now coming to the Jews in the State of Israel
because of the success of the present “Obama Spring” taking place throughout the Middle East.
By Mark Phillips on 09-19-12 @ 8:38 am
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Nitwits, nuts, racists, agenda of destruction, supremacist, attack arm, leftists, wacko.
Fear indeed.
By reggie on 09-19-12 @ 9:23 am
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I imagine that if I believed the things described as reality by the far right, it would alarm me too.

To the misinformed rightwingers the correct recommendation must be….seek out other venues
to cross check your chosen information sources. Just haveing your preconceived beliefs
verified by well paid propagandists is mentally soothing, but not enlightening.

Seven recent polls of fox news viewers, for example, show that these “news” consumers are
the least informed of all. And the more they watch the more misinformed they are; until they
actually know less than people who don’t regularly watch any TV news at all.

Think about it, can it really be that one side is correct on every issue, and the other side is
always wrong?
By ICallB.S. on 09-19-12 @ 11:18 am
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I was afraid someone would write this letter..
By hotfishmt on 09-20-12 @ 7:51 am
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Its a dead chinch….the word….COMPRIMISE….is being lost each day. Time to get real folks and
meet in the middle an quit the fear tactics & back stabbing. Locally, nationally…and its just not
Montana….the whole country.
By reggie on 09-20-12 @ 9:35 am
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Hotfish, probably everyone recognizes that compromise has worked for generations in the past
and has allowed all points of view a voice in deliberations on difficult issues… successfully.

The problem is we no longer can agree on the FACTS. It is obvious to those of us still liveing in
the “reality” based community that the change is effecting a hugh part of society, and can be
easily identified if people will just look for it.

Follow the money, and see who profits by deceiving voters to support sides of controversial
issues that actually hurt those same voters. Teapartiers, for instance, who don’t recognize that
the billionares funding their “grass roots” group are the main benificaries of their policy
proposals at the expense of the large majority of average people, including teapartiers. Or that
Rush, Fox, and many other “conservative” venues lost money (for sponsers) for years before
they finally created enough misinformed followers to be financially viable.

The funders of these endevors have a different goal than direct profit from these outlets. The
goal of devision in the “devide and conquer” senerio being used against the 90+% by the
wealthy, would be, overloards…...successfully.
By Pashta on 09-20-12 @ 1:28 pm
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This “newspaper” is liberal.  It’s owned by liberal Maury Povich, I hope you all know this.  Take that
into account when reading anything in it.
By GATE on 09-20-12 @ 3:04 pm
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For the Grievance Mongers anything to the Left of Pravda is ‘Fair and Balanced’.
By inthemiddle on 09-20-12 @ 6:57 pm
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A national research poll found that people who do not listen to, watch or read news publications of
any kind actually have a better understanding of national and world issues than people who get
their information from soley Fox News. Interestingly enough those people who’s main source of
news comes from John Stewart’s Daily Show had the highest level of knowledge.
By mooseberryinn on 09-20-12 @ 8:32 pm
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inthemiddle - now that is funny.  jon Stewart.  ya gotta be kidding.
By reggie on 09-21-12 @ 5:42 am
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This newspaper doesn’t seem to be liberal to me, as they have both liberal and conservative
writers in every issue. However, it must seem so to people that read mainly any of the other
papers in the valley, as they are ALL owned by the ultra rightwing Hagadon empire.
By RussCrowder on 09-21-12 @ 6:26 am
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Don’t make fun mooseberryinn…Obviously inthemiddle is a prime example of his John Stewart
theory…Eventually as he becomes even more informed by watching Stewart, he will move up to the big
time:  Chris Mathews…..ooh, I’m already starting to feel a tingle running up my leg!
By inthemiddle on 09-21-12 @ 7:31 am
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Russ, I really don’t watch much TV and have probably watched Mathews 5 times in my life. I do
watch Stewart though, he is very well informed, asks pertinent questions and calls out people from
both parties for their BS. I am sorry that it seems like he picks on your party more but all they want
to do it seems is fertilize things. Fox news no longer makes any attempt to even conceal how right
wing partisan they are. Their showing an edited 1998 tape of then Illinois State Senator Barack
Obama as a hit back against a 3 month old unedited hour long doner speech by Romney that puts
down virtually everyone and everything except for the super wealthy was a prime example. He even
put his own wife down in it! Fox News, Limbaugh and Hannity have found a way to hypnotize a
large section of our society, its the only way I can explain how struggling middle class people can
be convinced to vote for people whos only interest is to give tax breaks to wealthiest amongst us
while cutting essential services to everyone else. Give more of your money to the super rich and
they will magically make your life better. PT Barnums axiom to the millionth degree.
By Fast on 09-21-12 @ 11:57 am
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A brief thought on how fear is used to control us.

“Fear makes us the instruments of Power. When we are afraid, we obey.”

Fear is instilled in us at an early age and infects our perceptions throughout our lives. We are taught to be afraid of
crime, afraid of losing our jobs, afraid of AIDS, afraid of immigrants, afraid of the Russians (or the Moslems), afraid of
terrorism, afraid of chaos, afraid of failure, afraid of not being loved, afraid of going to hell. All these apprehensions
are seized on and magnified by the media, the government, the corporations and the Church, whipping us into a
frenzy of fear.

Those in power use fear to manipulate and control us. Fear makes us the instruments of Power. When we are afraid,
we obey. When we are afraid, we will do anything to feel safer.

Afraid of crime? Hire more police and build more prisons.

Afraid of unemployment? Work harder.

Afraid of AIDS? Don’t have sex.

Afraid of immigrants? Keep them out.

Afraid of foreigners? Bomb the hell out of them.

Afraid of terrorism? Restrict civil liberties.

Afraid of chaos? Support the status quo.

Afraid of failure? Don’t take chances.

Afraid of being alone? Conform.

Afraid of going to hell? Obey the Church.

Fear limits our freedom, keeps us from enjoying life to its fullest, prevents us from reaching our true human potential.
Fear is why we do everything.

May 2001


Fear Based Control
A libertarian rants about how government and media scare tactics frighten people into voluntarily relinquishing their
liberty in exchange for safety.

Endless Fake Terror Alerts: Fear Based Mind Control
Some examples of how the government and media use fabricated terrorist threats to frighten us into submission.

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By GATE on 09-21-12 @ 11:59 am
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It’s almost pointless to argue with someone diagnosed with Progressive Liberalism. This genetic
disorder has no known cure. This is a Progressive disease that is a cross between delirium and
aphasia rendering the subject unable to follow through with a logical thought!
By GATE on 09-21-12 @ 2:59 pm
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In the spirit of reconciliation, President Romney’s first act upon taking office in January should be to
grant the Deceiver a Pardon!
By JB on 09-21-12 @ 6:13 pm
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“Honey, you didnt build that…”

Love the last statement by the father:  “It is important to destroy their sense of individualism while
they are still young.”

That’s right, because independent thought would run counter to the plans of the new
regime…whoever that would be…
By GATE on 09-22-12 @ 7:07 am
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The greatest President of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan, once said the 9 most terrifying words in
the English language were: ‘’ I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help”. That statement has been
surpassed by the new champion of the 9 most frightening words ever uttered: I am Barack Obama, and
I approve this message”!
By reggie on 09-22-12 @ 7:46 am
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Gate, I fhink many are entertained by your clever put downs, but that is not argueing. Did you
ever attend a debate to see how it is done? Not a TV display of rude shout down’s where one
side will not stop talking because they have nothing to counter the point being made against
their preixisting opinion. Or a scripted performance like the upcomming Presidential “debates”
where time is devided into too short of intervals for complex answers to vexing issues, and not
all subjects are allowed in discussion.

A real disagreement where both sides believe they are correct, but both are more interested in
finding truth than “winning” an argument. Like the Lincoln-Douglas debates that lasted for
weeks, going from city to city to allow both every opportunity to make their point and include as
many observers as possible.

I have not seen debate from you, or many on the right; it seems that your input consists of
taunts and incitement. Which results in anger and more insults returned… which appears to be
a way to avoid debate.

Many on the left are eager to debate policy with those on the right. Try communication instead
of making points to please your rooting section.
By GATE on 09-22-12 @ 8:32 am
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For those who use logic and reason it is almost impossible to fathom the Stronghold Dear Leader has
on his followers. The only logical conclusion to this madness that the Regime and it’s media Lackeys
have gotten away with is that the Sheep have been Punk’d!
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