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Closing Range
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By Heidi Van Everen on 11-21-12 @ 4:34 pm
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It is certainly clear that Mr. Skinner simply does not like conservation.  Whitefish and the
community put together a fantastic deal where they are paying full market value for a permanent
recreational easement that will secure these lands forever.  Protecting our own backyard certainly
makes good economic sense.  The transactions will provide over $10 million dollars to schools and
will assure that our children and grand-children ca access places like Beaver Lake and Murray Lake
for generations to come.

Mr. Skinner - we understand you personally do not like conservation, but don’t be so down on the
idea.  Kalispell is proceeding with a permanent recreation easement across from the community
college and this is truly great for kids and our communities.  I am extremely grateful for all the
volunteers and support we’ve received to help secure this legacy of permanent recreation. Happy
By fourweight on 11-21-12 @ 4:41 pm
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Great job Davo - You go man.  Way to expose those nefarious, near-communist, horrible people
who want to keep recreation and open spaces accessible to the public.  Man, you are a hero!

You nailed it - the real story is not how BP or Exxon, or thousands of other big corps have
completely ravaged the political system with legalized bribery so they can rape and pillage the
public trust for trillions in profits.  NO I SAY

You my friend are a great American.  Keep the focus right where it should be.  Don’t let these fools
off the mat.  Anytime they try to do good, you oh icon of journalistic integrity - you call them what
they are.

While we are at it here….do you have any idea why we keep losing elections and why eveyrone
calls us nutbags?? I just dont get it.
By carbuncle on 11-21-12 @ 5:25 pm
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Send the large landowners packing, send the greedy landowner packing, send the non-
believer packing all of the laws, regulations and land preservation is for the children.
By Taylor on 11-21-12 @ 7:53 pm
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Is there a point to this rambling treatise, Mr. Skinner?  Or are you just writing something
because you have a deadline.  It wasn’t clear what your problem is with the recreation easement,
but since it has now been approved, hopefully you will not see a need to ramble on about it
again.  The easement was sold at full, appraised market value, giving a substantial sum to the
state school trust fund and assuring conservation of these precious lands into perpetuity.  How
that is a bad thing is beyond me, but then again, I don’t understand your Scrooge mentality OR
whatever point you were unsuccessful in making.
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