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By redhawk on 05-01-13 @ 3:34 pm
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Where’s the study that states the obvious?!  Without even the substandard care provided by
medicaid providers, poor people are pretty much guaranteed to die.  So exactly what is Montana’s
By terryt on 05-02-13 @ 1:25 pm
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My deduction for health care for my wife and I is about 22000 each year.That includes health
care premiums and all related expensis. If I have to pay that much why in gods green earth
should I be paying for anybody else. What the heck ever happened to personal resposiblity. I
am way past sick (no pun) of hearing about the poor needing free helth care. Get a Job and
pay for you and yours.
Terry T
By getman on 05-02-13 @ 2:42 pm
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This article is total bunk.  “No insurance”, means the hospital attaches everything one owns for the
bill and complete bankruptcy happens.  Many people cannot get insurance because of conditions
like childhood asthma.  Our cherry growers, small farmers, hard working folks are simply left out of
the loop.  They are not asking for a hand out.  They are asking for any way possible to participate,
to survive and not to fall prey to vicious insurance companies who are riding in very high profits. 
This even hurts people who do have and pay for insurance.  Consider this: my insured, hard
working friend has had a serious back surgery prescribed from many years of heavy work for a
corporation who has,” let go”,  of their other employees without insurance. The company axed the
pensions, too.  The company did not keep its promises to its workers.  The ex worker managed
to keep his insurance with the help from a lawyer.  His   surgery was scheduled and then stopped. 
The reason for the cancellation?  He needed to have a big, big cash deposit, BEFORE, the
surgery.  He is insured.  However, the caregiver now demands the copay before care.  It is easy to
judge.  It is easy to be self righteous and deny care to others.  There is a big and personal TWIST
that can happen to anyone.  Just wait, until it is your friend, your child, or your neighbor.  We want
tourism, we want our place in America, yet we act like a state to be avoided.  An ignorant, angry,
selfish, self centered,  State is our true reputation at this time.  Stop the kidding.  Your letter is a
fake excuse!  The reality is that republicans will not protect our environment, will not help people,
will not support infrastructure, will not do a thing for citizens.  It works for corporations who are
scandalously greedy and who are out to take everything they can get and leave nothing on the
table for workers.  This is the truth, your obstruction is pervasive and sickening for the good people
of this state.  It is not the two party, kind and wonderful State I knew.  We have five generations
who have grown in Montana and I am tired of the stink of the dark money and the control of the bad
guys.  You have turned on your own people.  Own it, admit it, and be accountable. You have voted
against your own best interests and AGAINST the people of Montana.  It is a pity.
By mooseberryinn on 05-02-13 @ 3:44 pm
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The article was pointing out that original efforts may have been workable, but subsequent changes
made it not so.  The legislature was working in the best interests of Montanans by not passing an
unworkable law.  Republicans are not the bad guys here, Obama/demo-dummy care is, and is forcing
other states to come to the same conclusion.  Now even Harry Reid is criticizing the Obama/Demo-
dummy care law.
By reggie on 05-03-13 @ 8:51 am
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Wow getman, well put indeed. I would add that this legislator (not representative of the people)
must be flodded with comments from like minded haters, because no one I know agrees with
his boneheaded opinion. Looks like more “anything to oppose Obama” than thoughtfull

This issue will probably be put to the voters by referendom and we can overrule these elected
supporters of money over people.
By Fast on 05-03-13 @ 11:17 am
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Dump all these bankrupt programs ( Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare Etc.) and let God decide
who and how each person lives.  smile
By Gators on 05-03-13 @ 5:59 pm
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Many people..not all without health insurance, and still won’t pay under the Obama plan.  We
will pay.  Like I have said in the past, I have been in the medical field for 30 years and the truly
needy is a very small percent.  Maybe 15%.  The rest are just plain lazy and have not done
much in life to help themselves.  They did not Pay Attention in High School, and thus the
cascade begins. The poor in this country have a car, smart phone, food, shelter the whole 9
yards.  Thus is why we are in the shape we are in…they are the first to get a lawyer if their free
medical care is not perfect.  they also get free medical equipment at no charge.  This includes
power chairs and hospital beds..if they qualify.  Maybe the leeches should get nothing, If I want
a new job, I have to PASS a drug screen test.  We are taken for fools….when will it ever end??
By reggie on 05-04-13 @ 7:21 am
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The 35 year run of transfeer of wealth from producers to the exploiters apparently cannot be
stopped by voters, so even those in the highest paying fields of work will become unable to
prosper, eventually. As falling lifestyle and advanceing poverty rate climbs the income ladder,
less and less people can afford the American dream, or even life essentials… healthcare.

So, I believe the answer to your question is; yes it will end, in collapse of capitalism and return
to a feudal system of wealthy people and corporations controling all wealth and the bottom
97% or so liveing in slave like status, unable to afford anything, includeing healthcare.

I too believe the leaches should get nothing. I just see the nonproduceing tiny fraction at the
peak of top income bracket who are taking ALL wealth and income whial the vast majority
works harder yet declines to be the true leaches. Your thinking blames the victims, not those
profiting by our current national disaster….supply side economics.
By Gators on 05-04-13 @ 7:43 am
9 up | 19 down

By the votes on this board looks like we have a bunch of takers..of Gov’t money.  Are they the
ones who did not pay attention in school?  Are they the ones with the nice new I-phones.  Look
what the USA created….the founder fathes would not be pleased!
By mooseberryinn on 05-04-13 @ 1:13 pm
12 up | 15 down

Well, the American society has grown too many folks who believe the gov’t will take care of them. 
Sad, because every day we see and hear thousands of stories where the facts simply did not conform
to the theory.  We are degenerating into the same socialistic mess of Greece.  Too bad.  Our children
will pay the price.
By reagandem on 05-04-13 @ 2:20 pm
9 up | 11 down

getman amen!
By mooseberryinn on 05-04-13 @ 5:42 pm
11 up | 14 down

Check the latest portions of Obama/Demo-dummy care that are suddenly running out of money, and
are being dumped onto states.
By reggie on 05-05-13 @ 7:02 am
13 up | 10 down

How many thousands of good jobs will not be created in Montana unless we overturn this
corporate tool with a public vote? Did I read somewhere 12 thousand? How many fellow
Montana citizens will not recieve needed medical care, and suffer needlessly until we overturn
the almost unthinkable cruelty of this Republican pigheaded act of belligerence? Did I read 70

It is easy to see just who Republican legislators represent, and it sure isn’t Montana citizens.
They must pay allegiance to their true constituants….ALEC, the American Legislalation
Exchange Council. The organization of (mostly out of state) corporations that write the bills the
Republican ligislators push and in gratitude (payment?) fund these same legislators campaigns.
By Gators on 05-05-13 @ 8:54 am
8 up | 11 down

No one is En-titled to FREE medical care.  Where is that stated?  Many people get it because
of people like me and you who pay for it…maybe we should change our country’s name the
Greece-2-USA.  Has a ring to it…
By mooseberryinn on 05-05-13 @ 9:04 am
7 up | 13 down

But wait, Americans really are “entitled” to free stuff.  It’s right there in the constitution.  ya know,
where it says “the pursuit of happiness, and free medical care”.  didn’t ya see that?  Seriously, why
should anyone pay for anything?  It’s all free.  Just ask King Obama to get it for ya, and poof… there it
is.  Isn’t he great?  Isn’t the demo-dummy regime really great?  free stuff for everyone.
By Gators on 05-05-13 @ 11:16 am
9 up | 12 down

above post says it like it is…If you can’t see what mainly what democrats over the years have
done to this country…the repbulicans also do not have much to brag about.  It is a big mess,
and yes Obama…made it a lot worser..get it!
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