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Reported sightings pour into local FWP office while federal appeals court upholds delisting
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By jennifer on 03-21-12 @ 4:06 pm
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Wolves are very intelligent animals with a well run pack mentalilty. It is in everyones best interest
to EDUCATE themselves about them. Ignorance breeds fear. Knowledge is Power!
By Reality22 on 03-21-12 @ 6:27 pm
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If someone gets the chance in one if his presentations ask him what happened to the wolves
only eat sick weak & old elk propaganda.  Then when he stutters through that one, ask him
why the Canadians and Alaskan biologist say wolves are tough to hunt & hunting alone are not
going to control them?  Ask him if you had input into the structure of last year’s hunt & why did
the hunt not get the population headed in the right direction!
By Squirrel on 03-21-12 @ 6:54 pm
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A plan is in place, based on guesswork. Give the plan a few years before messing with it. Tourism
is a huge part of the Montana economy, and a whole lot of tourist come here hoping to get a
glimpse of a wolf. They play an important part in the ecosystem - with their reintroduction, things
change - probably back to where they were more than a century ago. With no wolves and lots of
logging, the deer and elk populations grew significantly, and hunters got used to it. Now things are
going back to normal, and people are freaking out. Give the plan some time.
By montanaeasy56 on 03-22-12 @ 6:09 am
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I can’t beleive that hunters STILL give the FWP a pass when they contend that the past 3 years
have been “severe” winters. Anyone who hasn’t been transplanted here to study their beloved
walking stomach would remember that the past winters have been more mild than severe.
Deer and elk had been able to survive and INCREASE in hered size through some of the
REAL harsh winters and now these transplants are trying to paint the picture that winter and
other predators are just as much at fault as the wolf for the herd reductions. Elk and deer
survived very well when they were only having to deal with lions, bears, and coyotes AND the
winter months. The only thing that has changed all that is when the FWP convinced
themselves that the wolf was a money maker for them. Idiots all!!!
By ride4fun on 03-22-12 @ 9:09 am
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Totally agree with the comments by “Squirrel”.  There is a “feaking out” factor because of
ignorance.  There has always been predators and prey…..and kills by any of them also provide
food for other animals.  The only one who have upset the natural ecosystem is MAN.
By long4yesterday on 03-22-12 @ 11:49 am
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Wolves of some particular DNA were in every state at one time. So tell me Jennifer, Squirrel and
ride4fun, if they are so important to our heritage and ecosystem, why are they not reintroduced
into all the states?

This would be beneficial for all by not having the NIMBY’s wasting precious energy driving/flying all
the way to Montana (ID, WY) to hopefully get a glimpse of these cute, fuzzy, harmless animals.

If skyscrapers and pavement have to be ripped up to accomplish this so be it. If it’s good for
Montana, it’s good for New York, etc.
By brokenbutcher on 03-23-12 @ 8:56 am
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All this yammer about an animal who has been here thousands of years before we decided to move
in and play God.. Its no wonder we run into so many problems in this state just trying to solve
the simplest things…It’s like 50 fleas complaining about what the dog they live on is eating.
By CJ on 03-23-12 @ 9:03 am
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Your absolutely right r4f however, you missed the fact that MONEY plays a big role in upsetting
the natural ecosystem, not fear!
By brokenbutcher on 03-23-12 @ 9:14 am
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To those who dislike the fact that wolves hunt not just for food, but also for fun, remember ,
so do we…
By CJ on 03-23-12 @ 10:00 am
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And this from a wildlife biologist BB really makes your point…”“Wolves are not that scary. I’d be
very comfortable walking in on a kill or a den site by myself, unarmed, not even with pepper
spray. Not a big deal. I would not do that with a grizzly bear.”

You are very well educated though..right BB?  Knowing so much more than this 22 year
By CJ on 03-23-12 @ 10:08 am
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This video is from ANOTHER country.  This video displays that SOMEWHERE in the world,
people really care about wildlife…but NOT in Montana or in OUR Country!
By brokenbutcher on 03-23-12 @ 11:10 am
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OK cj.. not sure where you going here but, My post claims no special knowledge. Most know wolves
hunt for fun aside from hunting for food… Knowing this is a fact, Im glad It didnt take me 22
years to know that.

Discussing what to do about certain mammals and deciding how they should live is clearly
something humans would do. especailly without their consent….
By mitch on 03-23-12 @ 8:51 pm
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Thanks for the link CJ.  It’s wonderful there are such kind compassionate folks out there. 
Unfortunately their voices get shouted out by the haters.  We need these reminders.
By CJ on 03-24-12 @ 8:40 am
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BB I guess you just KNOW.  So an educated professional with 22 years experience doesn’t
KNOW anything right?  Sad example of human ignorance.

MITCH your welcome and your right, there are so many uneducated haters in this world, it is
good to KNOW that these folks exist, even tho they are not American!
By Kokanee on 03-26-12 @ 1:19 pm
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As opposed to a sad snooty condescending nature I would guess. Just because one has a degree in
romantic science which is mostly biased emotional blather depending on ones predisposed poster
animal of choice. C.J. the dynamics of this repatriation of wolves will not finalize for years.
As someone who proclaims themself as all knowing tell me about the repurcussions of adding an
apex predator too an already in place ecosystem. Why are we seeing so many grizz move out of
established range.
By Yudamni on 03-26-12 @ 6:58 pm
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Let’s manage them like the Coyote.  I think they will do just fine, the Coyotes do, and I can
shoot them whenever I want.  And more tourist will come too.  They can watch them trough their
scopes, just before they touch one off.  How do you like that.
By CJ on 03-27-12 @ 9:28 am
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Leave it to a WOMAN to show you big tough guys the “vicious” side of wolves:

You are so pathetic!
By jennifer on 03-27-12 @ 11:44 am
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Attended this talk last night, comfirmantion Wolves are NOT the “Big Bad Killers” most are making
them out to be.
By CJ on 03-27-12 @ 12:59 pm
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Doesn’t surprise me Jennifer but I wonder how many “big bad wolf hunters” will look at the
video and care!!!
By reader on 03-28-12 @ 8:09 am
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I love people who think they know more about science than scientists.  Not surprisingly, there is
a clear inverse relationship between intelligence/education and “knowing more than experts.” 
Because, you know, they “heard” that wolves are actually zombie demons.  Not sure where but
it’s obviously true.  Obviously.  These stupid FWP people who study this are just part of a huge
conspiracy to bring Californians to Montana and create a communist state.  Obviously.
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