Thursday Apr. 24, 2014
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Scanner to be sent to larger airport to account for other scanner removals
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By BleedingHeartCapitalist on 02-25-13 @ 12:08 am
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Thank you, corsair1945.

The removal of the scanner doesn’t have to mean longer waits.  The Montana legislature needs to
bar the enforcement of these ludicrous federal regulations in Montana.  That’s how the founders
intended for checks and balances between the states and the federal government to work.
By mooseberryinn on 02-22-13 @ 7:39 am
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Ach!  Das ist ein Amerikan patriot!  Off with his head!  (The German “Queen of Hearts” version). sorry. 
that’s pretty bad.
By Mark W. on 02-21-13 @ 11:35 pm
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That was a joke, by the way.  I hope.
By Mark W. on 02-21-13 @ 8:25 pm
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May God richly bless you corsair.  And may He be with you as you navigate the labryinthine canyons
of despair as you seek to remove yourself from the no-fly list for that comment.
By corsair1945 on 02-21-13 @ 7:13 pm
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Let’s finish the job and get rid of the worthless TSA, as well as homeland insecurity.  Their
ranks include liars, thieves, and known pedophiles. People who give up liberty for a little bit of
comfort and security deserve neither!
By Red Green on 02-21-13 @ 7:04 pm
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Consider what it cost us to acquire hundreds of these machines and install them and now
to uninstall them so they can sit and collect dust someplace. 

Is it any wonder that our country’s finances are in the dumper???
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