Wednesday Apr. 23, 2014
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There is momentum in two strongly Democratic states to tighten already-strict gun laws
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By hotfishmt on 12-28-12 @ 8:34 am
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No doubt that when the 2nd Ammendment was written, there was not the fuzziest thought of
automatic weapons or large magazine clips. Muzzle loaders & cannon’s were the weapon of
choice. Center fire weapons were a long way down the invention road and many years later the
assault weapons (military needs) the general public need for such things…ecapes me totally.
To own one & then shoot….you better be a reloader, as shooting many rounds is not for the
average person due to the cost.

A good trained dog is just as good or better. Least the dog can bark & growl to warn you &
unless a assualt weapon with a nose & brain is invented…I don’t want one. The masses of
people that have/like the assault weapons….would be better off with a good dog & safer.
By mooseberryinn on 12-26-12 @ 8:48 am
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My guess is that throughout American history, guns have protected more innocent lives than taken
them.  I wonder how many police would want to protect themselves with single shot rifles?
By JB on 12-24-12 @ 3:27 pm
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All right, Clarity, let’s talk about protecting the public, and especially children.  Guns always seem
to be the focus of this discussion - why?  The guns that are being discussed do not kill in and of
themselves - any more than cars, knives, or any other inaminate object kill.  There is always a
human equation behind each one.

The media likes to call firearms like the Bushmaster and other AR-15 style weapons “assault
weapons”.  First, get your facts straight - look up what an “assault weapon” is.

Second, taking life is NOT all that these “modern sporting firearms” are good for.  They are used in
many other ways - hunting, target shooting, self-defense, etc.

Of course the NRA has sponsors - how many organizations of its size do not?  Of course they are
in the firearms industry - but are also from many other industries, such as hospitality (Wyndham),
travel (Hertz, etc.) etc.

It also has over 4 million members - many of which have families.  Do you really think that all the
members of the NRA are people that do not have kids?

I may not see eye to eye with some commenters here, but they at least do come to the discussion
with some facts - where are yours?
By GATE on 12-24-12 @ 10:04 am
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Mass murder! 54 MILLION innocent Children sacrificed on the alter of ‘choice’ since 1973, currently at
a rate of 3,200 EVERY DAY. That has got to make the ‘enlightened progressive’ all warm and fuzzy
this Christmas Season. Between 2006-2010 Planned Parenthood (gotta love that name) has butchered
1.3 Million Innocent Unborn Children. Happy Holidays!
By Clarity on 12-24-12 @ 9:48 am
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If the mentally disturbed young man hadn’t been able to pick up assault weapons from his
mother’s house, there would not have been a tragedy of this magnitude.  In fact, we might not
be hearing anything about it at all.  Homes that don’t contain assault weapons make the public
PUBLIC.  Just use common sense and take the weapons of Mass Murder off the streets, they
have NO place in law abiding citizen’s homes.
By GATE on 12-23-12 @ 6:23 am
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If we are going to have a discussion about ‘murder’ let us include the ‘murder’ of 1.1Million innocent
unborn Children each year an the multitude of other preventable causes of death of our children which
would then put the cause of death by firearms at a fraction of !%.
By kalispelling bee on 12-22-12 @ 8:20 pm
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“Twice as many people are killed with hands, fists or feet and five times as many with knives than
with a rifle.”

This discussion is about our country and our policies. At least have the integrity of honesty if
you want to make a point. In this country, close to 70 percent of all murders are committed with
a firearms. Whatever solutions we come up with, we have to at least start out with facts.
By GATE on 12-22-12 @ 7:39 pm
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..The primary purpose of the Second Amendment isn’t to preserve hunting,sports shooting or even
self defense, though it does protect all these things. The founders intent when enshrining our natural
right to ‘keep and bear arms’ was to ensure that the people could defend against a tyrannical
government…that’s why tyrannical governments always begin by disarming the people. For the
blissfully ignorant Leftists who doubt this truth just look at the appalling body count of 20th Century
Communism and National Socialists(Nazi). Over 50 Million defenseless innocent people
slaughtered!  Mahatma Gandhi once said ” Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India,
history will look upon the act of depriving a whole Nation of arms as the blackest”....

Twice as many people are killed with hands, fists or feet and five times as many with knives than
with a rifle
By getman on 12-22-12 @ 7:05 pm
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You talk about, “rights”...but, we all know it is about,” Money”..The NRA is about building the gun
business.  No information, or transparency about where these guns go.  Face the fact: guns are for
killing people or animals.
Did you know that many of the animals killed are processed and left, abandoned, in locker storage? 
Unclaimed, the meat goes to the dump.  Do you have any idea how many hunters are wasting their
meat for the head trophy?  The waste the family budget with continuing costs for this, “hobby”. Do
you know that very few people are taking a, ” kill”,  to the dinner table for family dining?

Is anyone interested in something good for life and not death?...It is madness to have such
affection for guns.  Paranoia, fear, negativity, are these the emotions in your home?  I wouldn’t
think these big pro gun guys would make very good fathers or husbands.
  I saw a dear friend turn to the big weapons.  He preaches about the second amendment.  He
does not mention that he was running drugs. Illegal stuff at Gun shows, profiting on running a few
guns, etc.  His private secrets are never mentioned. His fear about, “looking gay”..
  Why would anyone want a giant amo clip? is breaking my heart.  This was my hometown.  My
dad got his elk for 51 years in a row.  He was so capable, the best.  The town knew it.  He was
honorable.  He would never have gone off this deep end with the NRA and contributed to the killings
of city children.  This is no longer sport.  This is no longer the second amendment.  This is
propaganda by people who are making millions with their instigations. 
Money..Money..Money..Follow the Money.
By GATE on 12-22-12 @ 4:00 pm
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Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and
respected, is the right for CITIZENS to keep and bear arms’‘.- Sen. Herbert Humphrey
By Clarity on 12-22-12 @ 3:26 pm
67 up | 59 down

Every single day children are dying in family homes, in family cars and while playing with
friends - due to guns.  At the very least we can apply rules so weapons that are purpose-built
for mass murder are not sold to Joe Public over the counter at local stores and at gun shows. 
It’s called “Common Sense.”
By GATE on 12-22-12 @ 2:15 pm
53 up | 84 down

With ’ The Right to Bear Arms’ we are Citizens. Without that Right, we are ‘Subjects’.
By RussCrowder on 12-22-12 @ 1:14 pm
52 up | 64 down

We allow police officers to carry weapons in the performance of their duty because we recognize
their Right to defend themselves.  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?:  We even allow IRS
agents to carry weapons for the same reason, yet in most states (Montana included), if you are a
public school teacher or administrator, while at work, you are denied that same Right regardless of
your qualifications to carry weapons in other circumstances.

Our laws haven’t created “Gun Free Zones” in our public schools, but rather as we have seen with
this latest tragedy, “Target Rich Zones” for every wacko out there.  I predict that until we begin to
use common sense and allow our public school teachers that want too and are qualified, the right to
carry concealed weapons for their protection and the protection of the students in their charge when
working in our public schools, our teachers and children are going to continue to be targets, and our
politicians will continue to use these needless tragedies for their own perceived political gain.
By GATE on 12-22-12 @ 10:25 am
56 up | 61 down

The Bill of Rights makes it clear that the individuals rights under the 2nd amendment supersede States
Rights. Just ignore the shrilling hot air coming from these ‘wanna be’ little tyrants. This is but another
well orchestrated distraction from the destructive damage they’ve already caused by their regressive
meddling to their own States!
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