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By pik20e4me on 02-08-13 @ 5:43 pm
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Dear Moose,

There is no question that the deficit and national debt are issues to concern us.  I’d like to
suggest that you read, as I did, “The Shock Doctrine,” by Naomi Klein.  It’s a tough slog—589
pages, plus about 100 pages of notes.  Like me, you’ll probably want to skip the notes unless
you are using the book as a reference for a treatise.

I think you may discover, as I did, that the folks who prefer to discuss matters in quiet rooms
are using the deficit as a contrivance to attain their goal of dismantling the safety net, reducing
regulation, and further shifting our individual wealth to multi-national corporations.  The deficit
is currently being held out as a bright-and-shiny object, attracting many of us away from their
true objectives.  These folks are disciples of Milton Freidman, hanging out at the Chicago
School of Economics, Cato Institute, ALEC, and others.  We are their tools, in the final
analysis.  They surely think themselves noble, but their true loyalty is to big money and
completely unfettered economics.  The average man or woman, like you and me, is not their
constituency.  To us, their purposes are nefarious.

Find out how you and I are being used.  Slog through that puppy.  Having read many of your
posts, I know you can do it.
By mooseberryinn on 02-08-13 @ 8:23 am
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Bill - nice try.  Too bad logic is not one of the talents of the Obama worshipers.  Pity the young.  they
will pay the price for Obama.
By Bill on 02-07-13 @ 9:31 pm
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Because the Fed is printing trillions, our grocery bills are going up buy 10%/Year.  That is a
Because the last few presidents have all removed components of the CPI to control
entitlement costs, school teachers and other government union employees only get 1-2%
increase in wage for a 10% increase in cost, each year.  That is a tax.  Retirees who think
there inflated portfolio is doing just fine won’t think so when gas is 10.00/gallon.  Printing
money is a tax.  They reduce the value of the dollar and simultaneously reduce the real
debt.  While Obama preaches about the millionaires and billionaires he continues to print
dollars.  Creating currency is the most regressive tax on earth.
By mooseberryinn on 02-06-13 @ 6:46 pm
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Reggie - yes, you are obviously missing a lot.
By pik20e4me on 02-05-13 @ 7:34 pm
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Didn’t take out any of my neighbors, but sure did some of those hot-shot developers building
spec houses damage.  Who is the thief in that narrative?
By GATE on 02-05-13 @ 5:34 pm
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While your neighbor was out applying for extended unemployment benefits so he and his family could
survive, you were short-selling his house? Is there no honor amongst thieves?
By pik20e4me on 02-05-13 @ 5:10 pm
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Well, Gate,

2007/2008?  It sounds like you were on the wrong side of that.  Some of us found it to be a
marvelous buying opportunity.  Think positive.
By GATE on 02-05-13 @ 1:23 pm
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For those who wish to twist and mold reality to make themselves feel more secure…be my guest! And
for those who might have been caught with their ‘Progressive’ pants down when the(money) markets
froze up in August of 2007 and the ensuing minor correction of 2008 commenced, I’d suggest you
tighten your belts a few notches for what’s about to ‘blindside’ you once again in the not-to-distant
By pik20e4me on 02-05-13 @ 12:56 pm
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Dear Gate, et al

“The Deceiver’s” spending has been to put the former president’s wars on the budget, some
stimulus money (much of the stimulus was tax cuts for the wealthy), and the difference
between tax revenues in a recession versus those in a healthy economy.  Maybe, for example,
you didn’t like extended unemployment benefits?  Ask your neighbors how they would have
survived otherwise.

The punch bowl?  Sure, let’s cut the deficit.  Maybe start with cutting the defense budget, as
that’s where much of the influx of government spending occurs.  That would surely tank that
part of the stock market—the millitary-industrial complex.  As for the rest of the punch bowl, the
stock market largely reflects the current high profitability of listed companies as well as
anticipated gains in profits and growth in the economy.

The bottom line?  I agree with your last statement:  “The Deceiver’s reckless spending has had
nothing to do with the rise in the Stock Market.”  You’re right. Unfortunately, your own
statement refutes the whole of the rest of your premise
By reggie on 02-05-13 @ 12:31 pm
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Maby I am missing something. Thought that the term “producers” (and makers for that matter)
described those that produced things, like, oh,.... goods and servives. Some on the right seem
to see the wealthy as producers, what do they produce? Jobs, (overseas) and suffering, poor
health, declining lifestyle, lost oppertunity, loss of American dream, corrupted government, 
early death…etc. for citizens at home?

To paraphrase Plato: Democracy might work if they can keep business out of it.
By GATE on 02-05-13 @ 11:42 am
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During the last 1519 days( and counting) the FED has pumped massive amounts of ‘funny’ money into
the casino aka ‘The stock Market’ to keep it from collapsing. This ‘Hot’ money has brought the sheep
with short memories back in chasing yield. Since Nov. 2008 the FED has intervened in the ‘Stock
Market’ a grand total of 1230 days, or 81% of the time. When that ‘Punch Bowl’ is taken away..look out
below. The Deceiver’s reckless spending has had nothing to do with the rise of the Stock Market!
By pik20e4me on 02-05-13 @ 10:36 am
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“Stealing more money from the Producers?”  For those outside of the bubble that claims that
President Obama is a socialist/fascist/commie/Kenyan/whatever, it is worth pointing out that
the stock market has effectively doubled since he first took office.

Two points: 

1) My IRA and other equity holdings have similarly doubled in that period of time.  I’m standing
in line to take more of that socialism.

2) If the producers and makers still believe in trickle-down economics, all the aspiring and self-
described makers in the lower 98% of the population should brace themselves for an
outpouring of jobs and raises.

Don’t hold your breath for the latter.
By GATE on 02-05-13 @ 9:41 am
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...’.Hold your noses and check the diaper that we’ve all come to know as BOnomics. Out of control big
Government spending is the problem. Stealing more money from the Producers to spend even more is
not the solution. This Utopian ‘DC Diaper’ is getting awfully full. When the bubble it’s created blows
...take cover!
By reggie on 02-05-13 @ 9:04 am
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Yes, it is regetable that repubs in the house refused to allow the top 1% to be taxed at a more
fair rate, whial demanding taxes raise on everyone else, like this letter writer. The republican
hold on the house will probably continue to block real change a while longer, due to successfull
gerrymandering… regardless the wishes of the voting majority.

How anyone can be so misinformed on this subject can only be blamed on our failed corporate
By GATE on 02-04-13 @ 2:28 pm
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According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) the cost of the Iraq/Afg. war from 2002-2007 (Pre-
Deceiver) was $613 billion dollars. Cost of Deceivers ANNUAL DEFICITS; $1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS!
By hotfishmt on 02-04-13 @ 8:30 am
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Moose Droppings: you would be more believable if in my opinion you dropped the reference to
Comrade in your comments.
The facts are clear as heck, if not for President Bush & his cabinet invading Iraq….the budget
dollars would not be near what the red ink is now, then add in the life long cost of
treating/helping all the wounded vets with severe wounds & trama.
And another news story on wasted tax dollars today, was the building of a un-used Afgan
police compound built with 7 million dollars by the Army Corp of Engineers came to light this
week,that the Afgans did not want & they don’t have any keys to the place….lol

The US waste MANY billions in Iraq & the problems are stil not solved hardly at all. Now the
same powers to be…millitary & cronnies in the Pentagon are carrying on with wasting more
money the country can ill afford. Iraq, Afgan are the icing on the cake, that Clinton started
when he signed the NAFTA agreement.
The miliary brass now this week,has decided to end hot breakfast for the military in
Afghanistan and instead use MRE…..yum yum. But, I bet the brass is ordering some more
lobster while they meet at some country club to talk over a round golf???
By mooseberryinn on 02-03-13 @ 9:51 pm
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Well golly, surprise!  Would you believe Mr. Chairman, Comrade, Emperor and King Obama is a
liar?  yes indeedy.  He and his regime will say anything to convince the low I.Q. folks that they are
trying to help you.  sorry, there Demo-dummies, this is not true.  (surprise).  King Obama is all
about “transformation” His regime’s goal is to take “rich” people’s money… (well, make that anyone
who has a job) take their money and give it to those folks who don’t work.  That is, of course, after
paying off his campaign contributors.  So, the poor stupid folks get a few bucks for their votes. 
(paid for by working people).  Welcome to the “transformation”.  Enjoy.
By Mark W. on 02-02-13 @ 7:28 pm
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Congratulations Richard!  Best turn down the heat and enjoy that mac and cheese!
By Gators on 02-02-13 @ 6:09 pm
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USA: In this country the have’s pay for the have not’s..not really that hard to understand it. 
Now in other countries…the have’s DO NOT pay for the have not’s…they go hungry.  If they do
not work they do not eat.  Real easy!
By waterman on 02-02-13 @ 12:12 pm
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I lost you w/the comment, “Clinton left office with a surplus”. This country has never been w/out a
natalional debt since G. Washinton.
No president has ever racked up such a debt increase in four years as the o’mighty dictator we
have in office right now.
By grod on 02-02-13 @ 11:53 am
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Well congrats Sherlock, you have been hard at work deducing and yup you figured it out, you are
part of the 1% now. And clearly you used that same impressive power of deductive reasoning to
determine that the Kool-Aid drinkers were the reason your tax bill went up. But I smell something
burning, and it’s not the stove, so why don’t you take a little break from all that hard work and relax
your face a bit so that you can open your eyes a little and tour a bit of reality.

Love it or hate it, Clinton left office with a surplus, and GWB left office with a preeeeeetty big
deficit. Turns out spending trillions on wars costs money. (Who knew?) And, when you borrow
money you eventually have to pay it back, what a drag! So now, here we are, you are helping pay
down the debt that the government spent, a lot of it in the middle east, and shocker you are
complaining about the other guys, characterizing Democrats as a herd of unthinking sheep. You
have taught me the true meaning of irony.

I have an idea for you, because I do feel bad that you won’t be spending as much money as you
did last year. Why don’t you take out your OWN loan, and keep on spending your way into debt. It
never has to stop, the businesses will thank you, and so will the credit card companies / banks.
You’ll be a real american hero, doing it all on your own, and we can all decide for ourselves if that’s
what we want to do or not.

OK, now scrunch your face back up in that angry squint, and drift peacefully back to your own tiny
world view. Sorry for the interruption.
By waterman on 02-02-13 @ 9:50 am
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Richard, you nailed it dead on the head. I hope the kool-aid drinkers will realize that the 50% of
the working force that pay taxes for the whole country will notice that they are in the top 1/2% also.

I sleep so much better now. Knowing that my hard earned tax dollars are going to be buying
contraceptives and breast enhancements for teenage girls.
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