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By mooseberryinn on 10-30-13 @ 6:26 pm
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Notice the dates of the first comments?  Why was this brought out of the archives?
By RussCrowder on 10-30-13 @ 4:00 pm
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What a surprise from a RINO who was a RINO before they even coined the word RINO !  Bob, your day
is done.  Please go quietly into the night!
By William52 on 10-30-13 @ 3:40 pm
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I think Bob Brown has gone soft in the head. Living in Montana you are insulated from what is
actually going on in Washington DC, Chicago, Illinois, Colorado, NY state, Connecticut,
Calofornia, etc. There are great forces and lots of money trying to remove our second
amendment rights one small step at a time. Large magazines first, then semi auto rifles, then
sniper rifles, then deer hunting rifles, then what? It is a never ending process Bob. The NRA is
standing up against this creeping loss of our rights. Wake up and get informed. If you are not
informed you have no right to make an editorial in the newspaper. Its just your feelings. And we
should not be persuaded by your feelings. I am an NRA supporter.
By Am Trans on 01-02-13 @ 8:02 am
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When a monster has been created, who is responsible for recognizing them as a threat, and who then
is responsible for protecting others from that threat?
These questions have to be answered before any progress can be made on this.  Gotta get a plan
going, a policy that will actually address the problem.
By Fast on 01-01-13 @ 5:28 pm
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I say a gun in every lunch box. Ye Ha
By Mark W. on 01-01-13 @ 3:45 pm
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I don’t know moose, maybe we can start the cleansing process by disarming those with the horrible,
crippling psychological disease OGRES.  That is, people with Omnipotent Governmental Regulatory
Enabling Syndrome.  I know I’d feel a whole lot safer.
By mooseberryinn on 01-01-13 @ 11:23 am
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hotfishmt - a reasonable area of thought.  But - who is to decide just who is “mentally ill”?  or - who
is to predict who may become mentally ill?  What about a perfectly “normal” person (male or
female), who suddenly starts behaving “oddly”??  is there a way to predict their future behavior?  I
don’t think so.  Could anyone have predicted the shooter in Conn. would suddenly murder his own
Mother, steal her guns and go to an elementary school to kill teachers and children?  Or - do we
start locking up gun owners and their children? Military vets? Druggies? lonesome college
students?  Computer war-game players?
By hotfishmt on 12-31-12 @ 8:50 am
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Well…in all the WHOO YA in the previous statments….not much was mentioned about
the “mental helath” issue with deeds carried out by wacko’s. That is a issue just as big as who
can own assualt weapons these days.
Most if not all of the recent attacks were done by people with mental health problems that were
not dealth with in the proper manner. People with serious mental problems can’t always be
solved with some shrink or drugs.
At some point the know it alls in the mental health programs have to realize that they need help
too….as look at the percentage of shrinks that take their own lives…due to a mental
overload…..and the brain snaps.
I do see no need for extra capacity magazines for all center fire weapons…limiting those items
might reduce the paranoia getting worse each day in the country.
I wonder how many of you that have a reply on this subject, have ever been in a Special Ed
classroom in the last 2-20 years an seen the level of problems that are handled in the public
schools & the level of drug controlled behavior each day.
Nice kids if medicated and irrational zombies with no meds…then years pass and what was
kids are now adults with a messed up brain & turn a nasty corner toward society.
By GATE on 12-30-12 @ 9:32 am
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Moose: When One potty trains a toddler eventually the toddler understands the consequences of [it’s]
behavior and makes adjustments to lighten [it’s] load in life. For those who’ve been lulled into believing
the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights are just ‘suggestions’ to be tampered with…well, we’ll just
have to continue the’ potting training’.
By mooseberryinn on 12-30-12 @ 8:22 am
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Montanaeasy56 - Side note - what on earth are you talking about?
By montanaeasy56 on 12-30-12 @ 8:11 am
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The Constitution of this country aside, we are never, ever going to be able legislate against
lunacy. Take away 15 round clips, the lunatic will just carry 10, ten round clips. In a bout 2
seconds anybody can exchange clips. We can’t fix this with more gun control laws.
On a side note, it is amusing to see the publicans have went so far off their rocker that Nixon,
Reagan, Both Bush’s,Roosevelt (Teddy) and even Abe Lincoln, (the first publican) would ALL
be considered left wing commie, nazi, socialists by the people who have taken over the
publican party.
By GATE on 12-30-12 @ 5:58 am
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...‘Those who beat their Swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t.” - Thomas Jefferson
By Mark Phillips on 12-29-12 @ 7:20 pm
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Crime is a product of social excess.
Vladimir Lenin
Interesting that a communist political propagandist like Lenin is being used to bolster the rep. of a
bourgeois capitalist organization such as the National Rifle Manufacturing Cartel. Vlad may roll over in
his grave. Oh my.
By GATE on 12-29-12 @ 8:50 am
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One Man with a Gun can control 100 without one”- Lenin
By redhawk on 12-29-12 @ 8:03 am
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I think most of them are already radicalized jp…
By Jpethan on 12-28-12 @ 8:59 pm
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All else aside, people need to think about this one moment. More guns are being bought right now than any time in
history.  These people are not buying these with the intention of turning them in. By pushing for a ban you are
radicalizing these people and leaving them with few choices. If you do not see the incredible danger in this than
perhaps you are not thinking through this clearly.
By RIGHTOFCENTER on 12-28-12 @ 8:38 pm
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When you look up the word RINO in Websters, the definition should be “Bob Brown”.  Bob needs to
admit what he is, a far left liberal Democrat!!!
By Montanadan on 12-28-12 @ 3:11 pm
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Thank God for other Media, not just the Lame Stream Media. Would be nice if we got the TRUTH,
all the truth instead of second hand filtered what they want you to know lies. is a big
help and been vetted.
JB right on.
By JB on 12-28-12 @ 1:14 pm
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The media has always had a “perceived” power over the masses, to focus the majority of public
opinion on whatever agenda it deems will serve its bottom line - plain and simple.

Just think about it - if a major media organization (CNN, etc.) were to suddenly turnabout its focus
on the current gun control issue tomorrow, what would happen to its sources of revenue?

Only goes to show that “objective” reporting from the MSM is something that will never happen.
By Montanadan on 12-28-12 @ 11:08 am
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Jpethan is right on. Only thing that is being Hijacked is peoples common sense and the ability to
see and understand whats going on in this once great country. Try reading the Constitution,Bill of
rights and the other founding papers. They knew what Goverments are really capabile of.
Our Goverment has budgeted billions for Drones to Fly over America and spy on every thing ?
Building a monster building in Utah to house the ability to keep collected information on everyone
for over 100 years etc etc ? You don’t have your privacy any more ? This would of been unheard of
10 years ago. And we are suppose to Trust the Goverment, ya right. Do some research on who is
running it, especially now before you agree with the Feinsteins and UN types of the world and give
up any of your freedoms. 
Remember in the last 100 years more than 200 million people have died at the hand of Goverments
killing there own citizens.
Goverments that go bankrupt tend to do desprite things like controlling your money, freedoms and
take there guns and if you have noticed we borrow 46 cents of every dollar and are broke !
The world is more dangerus now, radical Islam is trying to take over the world. look up the word
Tagqiya in the Quran, lie do anything to get the advantage ? The world thinks America is not to be
trusted or are a bunch of fools.
Please don’t be a nee jerk fool, look at history and real statistics, find out what works.
The bad guys and nut ball crazys dont attack Gun Shows and Police stations do they ?
By Jpethan on 12-28-12 @ 10:14 am
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“Automatic and assault weapons”

Automatic weapons already have to be registered under the NFA.  According to Feinstien, anything that can accept
a 10 round magazine, most handguns or even your great grand daddy’s 1860 lever action Henry (as it can hold over
10 rounds should be banned.

Antis want to ban all guns from civilian ownership, any proposed band are merely a first step and anyone that
doesn’t see this is being naive.
By ride4fun on 12-28-12 @ 7:05 am
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Totally agree with you Bob…..there is no need for anyone to own these automatic and assualt
By reggie on 12-28-12 @ 6:03 am
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So Bob Brown is NOT a"real” republican? Some commenters here are completely off the far
right end of the scale, extremests to the point of delusion.

Delusion- Psychiarty: A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual
By Mark W. on 12-27-12 @ 5:29 pm
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Wow.  The WorldGovPorn Secret Telex at the Mansfield Center must really be working overtime. 
Seems like just yesterday Pat Williams’ pick was attempting to triangulate Roosevelt, Lincoln and
Obama.  Guess Brown got the short straw on this masterpiece.  Sorry bro.  Better luck next time.
By JosephineDoody on 12-27-12 @ 4:35 pm
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Bob Brown… RINO of the first water.
By RussCrowder on 12-27-12 @ 3:58 pm
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Calling himself a “Republican”, Bob Brown should know a “hijacking” when he see’s it!
By Mtwatch on 12-27-12 @ 3:27 pm
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You “JPETHAN” need to be on the WATCH LIST!
By Jpethan on 12-27-12 @ 11:05 am
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This article is offensive. If you read the federalist papers it is quite clear that the 2nd amendment had nothing to do
with hunting. The 2nd amendment exists in order to defend against Tyranny and Democide.

As long as the American people are able to arm themselves properly there will never be a “cultural revolution” that
takes 60 million lives like that in China. A disarmed man is no man he is a slave to his oppressors.
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